Quantra Leadership Academy (QLA) is a transformational leadership and personal development training company run by Dr. Theresa Bullard. We are dedicated to helping individuals and organizations innovate their way of thinking to achieve breakthrough results.

There is one question that lies at the foundation of QLA: What is your potential?


We know that when you tap into your potential, greatness happens. You experience breakthroughs, “Ah-ha” moments occur, and you get into “The Zone” of peak performance.

It is our passion to help you access your full potential, sustain what you achieve, and be able to refuel whenever you want. When you get to the point where you can do this on demand, that is when you become a self-transforming agent of change. QLA shows you how to get there and gives you tools to accelerate your progress.


QLA was founded by Dr. Theresa Bullard, a Ph.D. physicist, author, speaker, leadership trainer and innovation consultant with over 13 years of experience in training people to develop human potential and achieve breakthroughs.


By blending science, consciousness studies, and mental alchemy, which is the art and science of transforming your mindset, we help you reach your potential and become more successful in essential areas of your work and life. Such areas include: creativity, self-awareness, relationship dynamics, motivation and flow, sustaining peak performance, harnessing the change process, remaining centered and balanced even under stressful and chaotic circumstances, dealing with complexity and uncertainty, and other capacities of being an effective leader.


Quantra Leadership Academy methods are specially designed to assist influential people in finding the solutions to the complex problems we face today. We believe that when the influencers of our society and businesses, become self-transforming with greater awareness, then we will have the power to advance the world towards greater balance and sustained prosperity. Our passion is to work with and generate transformational leaders who can bring innovative and socially responsible solutions to our world.


To help you access more of your potential, we offer a progression of transformative tools and trainings that integrate quantum principles, cutting-edge methods, and ancient wisdom for using your mind more creatively and effectively. Our easy to use proprietary system uses a unique combination of sensory stimulation, meditation, visualization techniques, physiological and neurological rewiring, and brain entrainment technologies. The QLA system places you on the fast track to move beyond mental limits and magically bring the best of your abilities into reality.

We Believe

  • Consciousness is key to tapping the potential greatness within everyone.

  • Everyone, especially leaders and people of influence, must learn to use this wonderful and powerful tool for transformation, making breakthroughs, and innovating.

  • Adopting quantum principles empowers you to easily discover more possibilities in any moment, even issues you are uncertain about.

  • There is a simple and repeatable formula that sparks change, then directs and accelerates transformation.

  • When you put this all together and discover how to use your mind as a powerful tool, using our simple and repeatable formulas, transformative breakthroughs and innovation simply happen.​

We Provide

We Provide

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