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December 12, 2019

When Alice first meets the Queen in Wonderland, she is instructed to believe something impossible.

Alice laughs, and says, "There's no use trying. One can't believe impossible things."

To which the Queen responds: "I daresay you haven't had much practice. When I was yo...

December 4, 2019

Are you ready to take the quantum leap?

Here at last, this is the crux of what it means to Think Quantum.

In essence, making the leap into the Quantum Mindset shifts us from a paradigm of limitation to one of boundless possibility.

By thinking quantum, you can move from o...

November 21, 2019

By Dr. Theresa Bullard

In our previous blog titled “Let Your Brain Out of the Box: Identifying the Old Paradigm”, we revealed four basic concepts that form the foundation of our outdated paradigm. The roots of this old paradigm extend back several hundred years to Newto...

November 13, 2019

Science shows that we have HUGE potential and that we are only tapping into a tiny fraction of that potential that is within us. We are perceiving only 1% of the physical reality around us.  We are using only 3% of our DNA to actively code for proteins.

We are using jus...

November 7, 2019

Many people wait for permission to be their greatest selves. What if all they were waiting for was the inner-initiation and knowledge of how to access higher wisdom? The Empower Thyself Initiation is a course that reveals deeper knowledge and tools of personal empowerm...