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Accelerate and Expand your Capacity with Empower Thyself

The Empower Thyself Initiation is the first in a series of initiations available to you. It begins with a 2-day training, done in-person in small groups, that gives you a broad opening to essential wisdom teachings, principles, methods and concepts, taught by the ancient mystery schools. We reveal answers to life’s mysteries that make sense to the soul. Mysteries such as: Who are we? Why are we here? How do we master ourselves in this experience? And more…


During the training we will be covering 10 key areas of the mystery school foundational teachings. From this one weekend you will feel your mind expanded, your self-awareness increased, your senses awakened more fully, and you will receive A LOT OF PRACTICAL TOOLS that you can apply into your daily life so that you can be the “Captain of your ship”.

The 2-day training then culminates with an authentic physical initiation into a true lineage of evolutionary leaders, innovators, artists, scientists, healers, warriors of light, and people devoted to helping make this world a better place. You will be welcomed into the ancient Mystery School lineage of King Solomon the Wise. This is an essential step for anyone who truly wants to make a difference. By the completion of the training you will feel filled with renewed hope, joy, and empowerment, ready to expand to the next level of creating your ultimate life. Once initiated, the doors to deeper teachings and tools of power open up to you, should you choose to continue in your training of accelerated progression and growth.

Upcoming Dates for Empower Thyself in Los Angeles with Dr. Theresa Bullard:

  •  10am-8pm both days


Tuition: $1497


Pre-requisite: Step 1 - Life Activation & pre-screening with Dr. Theresa Bullard to see if you are ready


RSVP: Upon approval, a minimum deposit of $850 submitted at least two weeks prior to the training is required to hold your spot


When you are ready to expand to the next level of your ultimate life then please contact us for an initial consultation.

“I’m interested, but …”


  • Too much…? If you strongly feel called to take this step of empowerment and money is a concern, then please contact us to discuss payment plan options. We can work with you to spread your payments out over a couple months so that you can move forward now.

  • Not local…? If you are not local to Southern California, you may find a list of practitioners (click here) around the world who have been trained and certified through the Modern Mystery School to offer the Life Activation.


  • Not quite ready…? If you are interested yet not quite ready to take this step, but would like to receive more information about the Empower Thyself Initiation and other offerings by Theresa Bullard, you may sign up for her newsletter below and we will be happy to send you more information plus some free surprises.