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Turn on Your Greater Potential with a Life Activation

The Life Activation is a 2-hour private session, done in-person, to turn on your greater potential. From this one session you will feel re-harmonized and energized, ready to move forward in your life with a greater sense of physical and spiritual alignment.


During the session several layers of your physical and energetic system will be rebalanced and attuned to a higher state of being. Then the Tree of Life pattern within your DNA will be activated through an ancient shamanic process that awakens the master cell of your body (the pineal gland) via your etheric field. You will also receive an intuitive reading for your personal empowerment in life, plus a set of homeopathic vibrational waters that will support the integration of the light into your physical system at a cellular level.

Theresa’s private session fee is $350. She has done Life Activations on thousands of people since 2002 and is a master healer and teacher in the King Solomon lineage. If you would like to take advantage of a package offer and receive discounts on session prices, please see her offers below. She typically schedules her sessions on Thursdays and Fridays when she is in town, and works out of Mysterium Center on Venice Blvd in Los Angeles (Culver City / Mar Vista area).


When you are ready to expand to the next level of your ultimate life then I invite you to contact me for an initial consultation.


See Footnotes Below*


* A 50% initial deposit is required to take advantage of package offerings, then balances are due at the time of each service rendered.


* Private sessions must be spaced at least 1 week apart, up to 1 month apart, from each other. Empower Thyself and Kabbalah Program dates are pre-scheduled as group classes. Empower Thyself is scheduled several times a year (at least once a quarter). The Universal Kabbalah Program is currently scheduled in LA once a year and lasts for 10 months. All steps are done in-person at Mysterium Center at 12476 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066, with the exception of the Step 5 online training course.


* Kabbalah Program fee listed is all-inclusive: tuition + 3-day retreat fees + all study group fees. Steps 1 & 2 must be accomplished before you can begin the Step 4 Kabbalah Program, which involves several trainings over a 10-month course.

“I’m interested, but …”


  • Too much…? If you would like to receive the Life Activation but feel the above prices are out of your budget, Theresa is happy to refer you to other local practitioners who charge a bit less for their time.


  • Not local…? If you are not local to Southern California, you may find a list of practitioners (click here) around the world who have been trained and certified through the Modern Mystery School to offer the Life Activation.


  • Not quite ready…? If you are interested yet not quite ready to book a session, but would like to receive more information about the Life Activation and other offerings by Theresa Bullard, you may sign up for her newsletter below and we will be happy to send you more information plus some free surprises.