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For over 15 years, Theresa has produced workshops, seminars, tele-classes, webinars, conferences, and consultations. She has become an international speaker and workshop presenter, having taught in Brazil, Canada, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Europe, and the United States.

Dr. Bullard has been a featured speaker at international conferences and meetings including: 

Science and Non-Duality Conference (SAND), Conscious Life Expo, International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM), The Monroe Institute Professional Division Meeting (TMI), International Alchemy Conference, Mente Superconsciente Congreso (Superconscious Mind Congress), IONS meetings, Body-Mind-Spirit Expos, and more.

Theresa's goal is to help people and organizations transform their lives and Cultivate the Mastery Within.

Open Minds Interview on Gaia:


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Theresa Bullard invites us into the events of her life that led to her earning a Ph.D. in physics, becoming an initiate in a modern mystery school lineage, and to teaching the mysteries. She describes the turning points in her early life that set her on the path of inquiry into the intellectual and the spiritual. From her unique perspective of pairing science and spirituality, she explains what we can expect in the near future as multiple advanced technologies, from A.I. to nanobots, come online in the mainstream collective. Plus, she reveals what we can expect in Seasons 1 and 2 of her series, Mystery Teachings.

Theresa Bullard, host of Mystery Teachings, introduces us to the wisdom of mystery schools and conveys the importance of their ancient teachings to bring a much-needed wisdom in these times of drastic changes. Throughout the ages, great mystery schools taught intrepid seekers the secrets of ascension, spiritual alchemy, and expansion of consciousness. All the while, their teachings remained hidden from the masses with their mysteries secreted away behind closed doors and encoded within layers of mythology. Today, as technology is advancing quickly, and many people are born with psychic abilities, this training is becoming all the more important for the whole of humanity.

Messages from the Multiverse Interview:

The Positive Head Podcast with Brandon Beachum

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Quantum Physics Meets Mystery 

Check out this great interview Dr. Theresa Bullard did with Chris Hall on his podcast Be What You Want. It was a dynamic and transformative conversation that ranged in topics from the mystical to the practical. Where Quantum Physics Meets Mystery teachings.

Dr. Bullard has appeared on numerous radio shows including: 


Messages from the Multiverse, Dr. Patís Blog-Talk Radio, Conscious Talk Radio, From Corporate to Conscious with VoiceAmerica, The LA Street Angel Show on TradioV, Radio8Ball.

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