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Learn a deeper truth about who we are and our spiritual connection with the universe. In her new Gaia Original series called Mystery Teachings, Theresa Bullard, Ph.D., deftly interweaves complex concepts from ancient mystery teachings and quantum physics to bring us real-world ways in which we can build upon our spiritual connections and manifest a fulfilled life. Doing so, she shows us the way to reunite with source and tap into our unlimited potential as conscious beings.

"This series is grounded, inspiring, and empowering. By uniting Science with Ancient Mystery School Teachings, we discover how vast our true potential really is and how we are an integral part of a cosmic symphony."


Throughout the Mystery Teachings series, Dr. Bullard offers transformative, practical tips and tools that we can apply in our lives to experience real results. Changing the way we live and changing the way we think will paradigm shift us into a new reality. Ancient mystery schools trained their initiates on how to do this and new revelations from quantum science reaffirm these techniques.


Dr. Bullard would like to also give special thanks and acknowledgment to: Gudni Gudnason, Founder of the Modern Mystery School and an expert in Quantum Consciousness and Metaphysics, for his content contributions; to Genevieve Wachutka for writing and script editing assistance; and to the Gaia TV Production Team for all their work.

A new episode will be released each Monday

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Mystery Teachings Season 1

Topics explored in Season 1 include: Quantum Physics, Holographic Being, Cosmology, Grand Unified Theories, Parallel Realities, Multiverses, Multi-dimensionality, Life in the Universe, in combination with Alchemy, Kabbalah, Hermetic and Esoteric Mystery School Teachings.

Episode 1: Consciousness in the Quantum Paradigm

In the series premier, host Dr. Theresa Bullard introduces the quantum paradigm by relaying the four principles that govern all quantum phenomena and how we can apply them to our lives. Consciousness in the Quantum Paradigm reaffirms that consciousness is an essential part of all that is — as reflected in the Hermetic principles documented in “The Kybalion” and through new scientific discoveries.

Episode 2: Accessing the Quantum Gap

Discover the secret to accessing your quantum potential and unlock the infinite possibilities found within the zero-point field. Theresa Bullard explains how we can make the quantum leap to higher energy states by focusing on the empty space inside the atoms. This empty space is not vacant, as it holds a quantum sea of infinite possibilities and immense energy. Science is confirming that these core concepts are the same in Vedantic, Hermetic, alchemical, Taoist, Kabbalistic teachings. They teach us that every thought, word and action send ripples throughout the universe and direct what you desire into manifestation.

Episode 3: From Source to Creation and Back Again

Journey from the beginning of the universe to the formation of Earth and life that evolves. Theresa Bullard guides us through different eras of the Big Bang Model as they correlate with the geometry of the Tree of Life. This cosmology from the Kabbalah traces the divine origin of our universe to source, known as Ain Soph, to the dark energy and dark matter fueling the expansion of the universe. This is a journey which takes us from oneness, to diversity, and back to Source, that the Hermetic teachers call, The All.

Episode 4: Spiritual Alchemy & Divine Purpose

With an understanding of the alchemy of life and healing we can achieve full potential and live the life we were meant to have. Theresa Bullard explains how consciousness works through the fundamental components of the universe to fulfil purpose. It begins with a scientific explanation, but this is about raising your soul to higher plains of spirit in order to reunite with source. All the while, embodying that higher spirit in physical form. This is the spiritual alchemy as taught by the ancient mystery schools and reaffirmed by the quantum sciences.

Episode 5: Consciousness and Our Holographic Being

Enter into a world of illusions, to explore where our original form is, where are we, who and what we are. These questions have been asked by seekers and sages for millennia and are now being pondered by physicists who have come to accept the holographic nature of our reality. Theresa Bullard helps us cross the bridge from the world of physics into the world of metaphysics to gain insight to the implicate order that gives rise to the explicate reality we know. She explains how we can train ourselves to be able to tune in to the subtle energies emanating from this layer of reality and become consciously aware of higher states of being.

Episode 6: Quest for Unity

Our universe is a complex reality that may be reducible to a simple and elegant mathematical formula. This mirrors the alchemists’ search for the Philosopher’s Stone, a substance which unites everything into a single indestructible whole. Theresa Bullard explains that there is indeed a deeper reality underlying our universe, where we are all one with The All, as described by the Hermetic tradition. Einstein considered this unity, which is the source of all phenomena in our world, to be grasping the mind of God.

Episode 7: Cosmic Symphony

Everything in our universe is energy, vibrating in a harmonic coherence that creates the great cosmic symphony. Theresa Bullard reveals that our power of observation determines how our reality manifests, making us players in a masterpiece of universal proportions. We can learn how to tune our instruments of consciousness to be in harmony with divine Will. This comes to us from the teachings of mystery schools which reveal the divine proportions and sacred geometry found in the divine resonance of creation.

Episode 8: Developing Multidimensional Awareness

Compare the scientific and metaphysical explanations of the complex, geometric and fractal expressions of our universe. Theresa Bullard explains that our universe may be just one reality in a vast sea of universes. As scientists debate the properties of parallel realities in a multiverse, ancient mystery schools, such as Hermetics and Kabbalah, have already revealed the multiple layers of existence that gave rise to our existence. Developing a multidimensional awareness, across parallel realities, will help us begin the process of alchemically transmuting blockages and unlock our full potential as we seek to reunite with The All.

Episode 9: Becoming Galactic Beings

We are all connected, not just as a collective on Earth, but a collective throughout the galaxy. This means that everything we do sends ripples across the universe, for better or worse. As Theresa Bullard explores definitions of life from scientific and metaphysics perspectives, she offers us a better understanding of our place in the universe. Ancient mystery schools have tried to teach us how to be in alignment with divine Will, but we were not ready. Now, the time is right for us to come together in harmony and activate our potential as galactic beings.

Episode 10: The Power of Three and Spiritual Alchemy

Explore the power of three as it manifests in various scientific fields and many spiritual traditions throughout the world. Theresa Bullard reveals recurring patterns of three which continue to puzzle scientists, yet offers us a clue to something greater underlying the modern understanding of physics. These patterns are also found in mystery teachings from alchemy to kabbalah, which offer us a means for reprogramming the language of the soul. All of this works with the laws of nature to help us harness the power of transmutation and live as active participants in the cosmic symphony of our universe.

Episode 11: Vibration, Tuning & Healing

Theresa Bullard details the science underlying vibrational medicine techniques, and then dives into the mystery school teachings on alchemically transforming the soul into a higher state of being. As we come to understand that everything in our universe is information and energy vibrating at specific frequencies, we begin to grasp the reality of healing the body with vibration and sound. The idea is to move into a healthy vibratory homeostasis where the body and soul are in harmony with Divine Will.

Episode 12: Consciousness Beyond the Hologram

Theresa Bullard offers us ways that we can explore different degrees of consciousness, beyond the hologram, to increase awareness of our multidimensionality and master the way we apply our alignment with Divine Will. She explains that our purpose in life is to awaken and remember what we truly are, where we come from, and where we want to go as we create the future. As we kindle the flame of the Secret Fire within, we transform body, mind, and soul to create a state of coherence and balance with higher aspects of the soul. Only then can we harness our full potential as higher conscious beings.

Episode 13: Using Will to Become Superhuman

Theresa Bullard explains the science and metaphysics of expanding beyond our current perceivable limitations and become the embodiment of the god-self. If we could learn to harness the physics of time, energy, space and momentum, by Will alone, we would become superhuman. Kabbalistic wisdom gives us the keys to inform and shape the reality we live in, through numbers, letters and sound. With this wisdom as a base, we begin to apply the Alchemy of life to shift your vibration through intention to degrees of self-mastery over mind and Will. She offers practices that you can use to connect with and express your own divinity into this reality.

Mystery Teachings Season 2

Topics for season 2 include: the path to self-mastery, unlocking our DNA potential, the art and science of ascension, Vitruvian numerology, expanding our perception, mastering our minds, becoming galactic beings, rewiring our brains to expand consciousness, and much more including practical techniques for awakening our human potential

Episode 1: The Path to Self Mastery

What does it mean to awaken to your greater potential, and how can we do that? Quantum principles underly everything in our universe, including the way to awakening our greater potential. Theresa Bullard introduces us to the keys of self-mastery that have long been passed from teacher to student within ancient mystery schools. These are tools which can set you upon a path of initiation to reach higher states of consciousness, overcome limited thinking, and achieve coherence with the quantum field. To help us put these concepts into action, she gives us some practical exercises that are taught in the Modern Mystery School, that can help you connect the microcosm within to the macrocosm of the universe and beyond.

Episode 2: Unlocking Our DNA Potential

From the quantum to the cosmic we are multidimensional beings of vast potential, but we need a way to unlock our DNA. Theresa Bullard discusses science and metaphysics of our DNA blueprints and explains what we can do to realize our full genetic potential. Dr. Bullard shares ancient mystery school teachings that can help us create a state of internal coherence. It is this state which can turn on dormant genes and connect us with the quantum field. This can be done with a special visualization technique using sacred geometry to bring light and sound into your being and activate the light of awakening within your own DNA.

Episode 3:  Art & Science of Ascension

From the quantum to the cosmic we are multidimensional beings of vast potential, but we need a way to unlock our DNA. Theresa Bullard discusses science and metaphysics of our DNA blueprints and explains what we can do to realize our full genetic potential. Dr. Bullard shares ancient mystery school teachings that can help us create a state of internal coherence. It is this state which can turn on dormant genes and connect us with the quantum field. This can be done with a special visualization technique using sacred geometry to bring light and sound into your being and activate the light of awakening within your own DNA.

Episode 4:  Living Through the Golden Ratio

How do we break out of the box and move beyond limited, linear ways of operating? Develop new paradigms of quantum, holographic, and multidimensional ways of thinking. Theresa Bullard paves the way to these new modes of thought by introducing us to Vitruvian Numerology. This number system serves as a means of experiencing the world through acceleration and expansion, with the golden ratio. This is the key to bring the light of spirit into the physical, through the sacred ratio found throughout all of the natural world and sacred temples. To learn to make use of this, Dr. Bullard gives us practical techniques that help us tune into these golden vibrations and become more fully alive.

Episode 5:  Boosting Your Subtle Senses

Theresa Bullard explains how we can finetune the nervous system in order to perceive a greater spectrum of our reality. Our bodies are ideally suited to perceive the physical world, and these perception abilities can be expanded to become aware of the subtle reality, that is also a part of our existence. In doing so, we expand the capabilities of our physical senses and tune into our subtle senses, as well. Dr. Bullard offers a simple practice, that entrains the nervous system to tune into the biofield, so that you can awake your innate gifts of body, spirit, and soul, and unlock more of your own hidden potential.

Episode 6: Reprogramming Mind and Soul

You can make a shift inside of you, where you become responsible for your thoughts, energy, and emotions, so that you can help create a shift in the collective field that changes our reality. Theresa Bullard explains how we can tap into the energy from Source, to create vibrational changes internally and in our surroundings. The Kabballah gives us the tools we need for reprogramming the language of mind and soul in order to gain greater self-mastery. When we do this, the impact from our thoughts and emotions affect whole systems from body to community, shifting reality around all of us.

Episode 7: Connecting with Galactic Energies

What is the leap we are preparing to make when we activate our full potential, expanding perception, and preparing to ascend into a body of light? Theresa Bullard explains that our next evolutionary steps, as humans, comes through consciousness and technology in the place where science and metaphysics truly meet. In order to do this, we must first accept that our true self is beyond the physical. Then we can move beyond an Earth-centric point of view, with a bigger picture of reality, and take our place as galactic beings. To help us do this, she offers an exercise to connect with cosmic energies that can awaken conscious awareness of your galactic nature.

Episode 8:  Reprogramming Mind and Soul

You can tap into super-conscious states of awareness to rewire your brain for optimal function. Theresa Bullard shows us how to build bridges between our ordinary mind and ascended states of consciousness. She guides us through the sephirot on the tree of life, explaining how they correlate to different states of mind, so we can understand how our higher and lower minds operate. Through spiritual practice, lifestyle choices, and a willingness to let go of our spiritual attachments, we can tune into higher frequencies and achieve a state of universal awareness.

Episode 9: Creating Whole Brain States

How can we be more consciously aware of our full capacity? By expanding consciousness to access transcendent states that tap into the unlimited potential of the unified field. Theresa Bullard explains that we have the power to rewire our neurological system to boost neuroplasticity. We gain introspection strategies for implementing new thought patterns that replace negative processes. And she offers techniques to enter different brain states that give us the benefits of a well-balanced, whole brain. With enough dedication, we can rewire even the deepest levels of programming and truly attain self-mastery.

Episode 10: Transcendent Sounds

We can use our senses to rewire our brain and prune away old patterns that are no longer serving us. Theresa Bullard explores the power of sound to help us reach transcendent states and build a strong neurological state. We look not only to ancient sound healing practices, but advances in tunings, such as 432hz and solfeggio frequencies, to become more harmonious and bring us into better states of homeostasis. Dr. Bullard offers us daily practice tips, using sound, to release tension, bring balance to mind and brain, and bring our conscious awareness even deeper.

Episode 11: Higher States of Emotion

Theresa Bullard explains how we can go deeper into the brain to rewire and refocus our neurological system and access higher states of consciousness. At the heart of our brains lies the heart of our emotions, the limbic system. This may be the part of our being that needs the most healing, as it generates emotions and is essential for processing memories. Dr. Bullard discusses various techniques to help us release buried emotional charges and create new patterns that can further us along the evolutionary path. Using healing sounds and aromatherapy, we can bring balance to the limbic system and learn how to stay motivated to following the path of transcendence.

Episode 12: Self-Mastery with the Reptilian Brain

The reptilian part of the brain holds the key to mastering instinctive and intuitive responses and unlocking higher states of homeostasis. Theresa Bullard explains how we can bridge our conscious awareness into the oldest parts of the brain, to master instinctive and intuitive responses, so that our reactive processes work with us, rather than against us. Dr Bullard gives us ways to reprogram our habits and build a stronger foundation on our default mode, maintaining good habits and mastering all aspects of our physical experience. She explains, that if we are to live as our full divine self, our basic behavior patterns need to rest upon our own most sacred, full being.

Episode 13: Opening the Heart Gateway

Theresa Bullard takes us deep in to the workings of heart intelligence, to explain the important of cultivation compassion, gratitude and love. As new science catches up to ancient wisdom teachings, we see the data that the seat of human consciousness is not to be found in the brain, but in the heart. To aid us in the journey, she offers us exercises that reduce stress and create coherence so that we can open the gateway of the heart.

Episode 14:  Accessing Universal Consciousness

As season two comes to a close, we go even deeper into the body to discover the importance of our deepest source of intuition, found within our oldest nervous system. Teresa Bullard explains the importance of creating a holistic framework for our being, as we build coherence between the heart, brain and gut. These are the bridges we need to build if we want to transcend our current state of being. Dr. Bullard offers techniques we can use to access universal consciousness by learning how to come into stillness and silence of our inner emptiness where we can finally let go of our attachment to self-identity.

What Viewers are Saying:

“This is some seriously mind-blowing stuff!”

“Just finished watching this incredible first season episode on Gaia called Mystery Teachings. Theresa Bullard created it and the information she is putting out is incredibly profound and potent.  She illustrates so beautifully the relation of Quantum Physics and Science to Consciousness and Spirituality and imparts many impactful messages and teachings along the way.  Watch and be inspired!!  If you don’t have Gaia, it is akin to Netflix as a video content subscription service that serves up mind opening content in the realms of science, spirituality, space and great progressive minds.”

“Dr. Theresa is in a unique position to bridge teachings on quantum physics and metaphysics, weaving in deep mystery school teachings on Kabbalah, hermetics, alchemy, and quantum consciousness. This series is fascinating and mind blowing. It connects the dots and opens up new possibilities. Truly a must see!”

"amazing, the best thing i've watched on Gaia for a while, looking forward to more episodes”

"This was an exceptional presentation of complex subject matter and presenting it in such away to easily understand and have an "aha" moment in relationship to the practice of meditation, spiritualism, or the practice of religion. These concepts are present everyday even if we don't recognize or believe in any of it, the universe is consistent in its presence. Thank you Dr Bullard and I look forward to more of your presentations.”

Meet Theresa Bullard Ph.D.


Dr. Theresa Bullard, is a Ph.D. Physicist, Author, International Spiritual Teacher, and Advanced Initiate of the Modern Mystery School, a world-wide organization dedicated to the mission of world peace and the awakening of humanity. Dr. Bullard weaves together her formal background in science with her deep training in the western mystery school lineage. Drawing from diverse fields of science and metaphysics, she teaches the keys to applying universal principles directly to life for powerful results. Her goal is to empower people to accelerate their progression, activate inner gifts, expand consciousness, and create their ultimate life.



Since 2001, Dr. Bullard has been guiding individuals and groups to reach their potential and become more successful in multiple areas of life. Dr. Bullard is the host of Mystery Teachings on Gaia TV, as well as author of The Game Changers: Social Alchemists in the 21st Century, co-author of several meditation albums, and contributing author in several other books and media platforms. To learn more about Dr. Theresa Bullard’s offerings at


Alchemy can serve as a bridge between the spiritual and science when your soul becomes the Philosophers Stone. Theresa Bullard, a Ph.D. Physicist with deep training in western mystery schools, explains how we can use the seven processes of Alchemy and universal Kabbalah to work in participation with the universe, accelerating our spiritual evolutionary process. This is not about escaping the body, but grounding these ideas in the body and raising it to a higher state, in unison with the soul...

Theresa Bullard invites us into the events of her life that led to her earning a Ph.D. in physics, becoming an initiate in a modern mystery school lineage, and to teaching the mysteries. She describes the turning points in her early life that set her on the path of inquiry into the intellectual and the spiritual. From her unique perspective of pairing science and spirituality, she explains what we can expect in the near future as multiple advanced technologies, from A.I. to nanobots, come online in the mainstream collective. Plus, she reveals what we can expect in Seasons 1 and 2 of her series, Mystery Teachings.

Theresa Bullard, host of Mystery Teachings, introduces us to the wisdom of mystery schools and conveys the importance of their ancient teachings to bring a much-needed wisdom in these times of drastic changes. Throughout the ages, great mystery schools taught intrepid seekers the secrets of ascension, spiritual alchemy, and expansion of consciousness. All the while, their teachings remained hidden from the masses with their mysteries secreted away behind closed doors and encoded within layers of mythology. Today, as technology is advancing quickly, and many people are born with psychic abilities, this training is becoming all the more important for the whole of humanity.