Transformational Trainings

Empower Thyself

The Empower Thyself Initiation is a weekend long immersion training that reveals deeper knowledge and tools of personal empowerment, while also initiating a person into a greater connection to their sense of purpose. Initiation is one of the essential keys to fulfilling life purpose, manifesting our greater potential, and harnessing our innate gifts. By becoming clear on and fulfilling our life purpose we are able to become more empowered as leaders in our field. The Initiation enhances leadership qualities including creativity, powerful presence, self-awareness, and deeper understanding. 

Step onto the path of being a Transformational Leader. With the tools handed down through an ancient lineage via The Modern Mystery School, the path to transforming your life and making a greater impact to enrich the lives of others is available to the sincere seeker. 

Galactic Activation

The Galactic Activations are some of the most important steps we can take in our lives towards attaining our full potential and entering into the New Paradigm. These Activations help awaken some of the most essential keys within us for achieving what Kabbalists called the “Adam Kadmon”, or the god-like human. All Mystery School traditions have taught that when humankind was ready, a technique would be given to activate all the codes to our potential. That time is Now! Long-sought-after for our awakening, these Activations are now available to help us in taking our next evolutionary step towards being Galactic Humans.

Galactic Activation

Universal Kabbalah

The Universal Kabbalah has come to us from the ancient times and indeed has been with us from the beginning of human history on this planet. The word Kabbalah means “to receive” or “that which is received.” In particular, it refers to an ancient tradition of knowledge passed down from a higher source, such as Spirit. This knowledge, along with practical techniques for integration and application are then handed down orally through a lineage of Kabbalists, from teacher to student, such that the unfoldment of each individual is realized.

The Alchemy of Life & The Alchemy of Magick

True Alchemy has immense power to create transformation, success, and manifestation in our lives! As one of the most ancient arts and sciences on the planet, Alchemy has been a long-held Mystery School tradition that rests at the core of all we do.  It is critical for fulfilling our mission of creating a better world.

Quantum Transformation Formula

The Quantum Transformation formula is an 8-part Online interactive Training Course where you are guided through the 7-Step Quantum Transformation Formula with international change agent and conscious transformation teacher, Dr. Theresa Bullard, This online training will help to unlock the hidden greatness & potential within you, and really fully connect you to really living it. This Seven Step formula will help you learn a “Secret Technique” that will change everything. You’ll discover how you can use it to powerfully re-create your life and Breakthrough any obstacle. It will help you to build your dreams, fulfill your desires, and activate your potential, so you can breakthrough obstacles & powerfully transform how you live life and conduct your business. 

Transformational Leadership Program

In the Transformational Leadership Program Theresa Bullard, Ph.D. leads groups through a live immersion training to take leaders beyond mere concepts and mental models. This immersion takes leaders into a direct experience and integration of transformative principles for all aspects of life. The first hand experience allows you to harness the change process resulting in great success as a leader. Quantra Leadership Academy’s (QLA) innovative approach incorporates modern science, ancient wisdom, and the most cutting-edge tools available. The Transformational Leadership Program guides leaders to access their greatest potential as creators, influencers, and change-makers through a unique transformational process. 

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